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Elevate your real estate brand with fully customized content marketing
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In today’s ultra-competitive real estate market, merely listing properties on your socials won't cut it. You need a magnetic online presence. At Social Broker Hub, we don’t just enhance your brand; we turn it into a household name with cutting-edge social media strategies designed for maximum impact.

Content that connects

If you're like 99% of agents and brokers, your social media presence consists solely of listings and maybe the odd client review. Most consumers find this boring! We help you showcase your passion and expertise, and stand out in a crowded market.

Soar to new heights online

Step into a realm of content that not only resonates but reverberates across the real estate landscape. We’re crafting narratives that showcase your unparalleled expertise and position you as the definitive authority in your market.

A digital presence that inspires confidence and builds trust

Choosing the right real estate professional is a high stakes decision that consumers will only make after careful consideration. We help you translate your offering into a compelling, client-centric proposition, to attract more of your preferred clients.
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What our clients are saying

Joan Liu
Joan Liu
The creative, beautiful and inspirational contents from Sarah is absolutely highly recommended for all mortgage advisors. Sarah can also customise contents base on your holidays preference for your brand, how lovely is that. Thank you!
Alisa Keattichaidumrong
Alisa Keattichaidumrong
Sarah has been a huge help with getting my business exposure up. Information posted is specifically tailored to what my business offers. Thank you for your help Sarah!
Paul Succar
Paul Succar
Sarah and the team at Social Broker have done an outstanding job in handling my marketing needs. The fact that they're subject matter experts in the field, makes the entire process seamless. Their marketing material is sharp, relevant and professional and I have not had any bad feedback.
Vandana Chugh
Vandana Chugh
We have an absolutely amazing experience with Sarah and team. our social media accounts look great with good content. Sarah and team are responsive and professional. Highly recommended.
Elouise Dooley
Elouise Dooley
We have been working with Sarah and her team for a few years and they are responsive, collaborative and make the whole process very easy! If you are thinking about it , absolutely give it a go!
Virginia Stirling
Virginia Stirling
I'm great with home loans - but not so great on socials! Social Broker has been fantastic at putting together and managing not only all of my socials (Facebook, Insta and LinkedIn), but also my website. Thankyou Sarah - I couldn't have done this without you :)
Keith Begley
Keith Begley
Sarah & the team at Social Broker have consistently delivered professional, high quality, relevant content for my Mortgage Broking Facebook & Instagram pages over the past 12 months, giving me a much needed social media presence that partners well with my essentially referral-based business - all with a minimum input/time from myself. I would highly recommend Social Broker to anyone looking to start or upgrade their online marketing strategy.
Adam Baker
Adam Baker
Social Broker has immensely improved my presence on social media. It has to be one of the best additions to my business and allows me to concentrate on what I am good at! Thank you Sarah and the team.

Getting set up is as easy as...

Set your preferences
Choose your subscription and complete our 2 minute branding form to choose your design, topics and scheduling preferences
Connect your socials
Link your social profiles with the Social Broker Hub so we can publish the content on your behalf – no need to share passwords
Get back to business
Your fully customized content will be generated right away and once you approve it your posts will be published to your socials on autopilot
Social media Content marketing

Don't want to blend in with the masses?

Say Sayonara to sporadic DIY social media posting, and Hola to a professional online presence that helps people get to know, like and trust you.
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Curious? We're an open book

Here are some of the more common questions we get asked by property professionals like you. Don't see what you're looking for? Shoot us an email.
A-grade support
We've built software and leverage AI to deliver you a seamless experience, but you know, sometimes you just need to speak to a person.
No contracts, cancel any time
We're confident in our service, but if it's not a match, we won't hold you back. Your satisfaction is what drives us to stay at the top of our game.
What happens once I sign up?
Once you've set up your subscription you'll be taken to our sign in page where you'll create your account. From there you just need to link your social media profiles, set your design and publishing preferences, and then Social Broker Hub will create the month's content for you!
What kind of content does Social Broker Hub generate?
Each piece of content is made up of a caption and static image. The messaging has been carefully crafted by our expert copywriters to connect with your audience, build trust and showcase your expertise.  
What social profiles will my content be published to?
Social Broker Hub currently publishes to Instagram,  Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Business.
How do I connect my social media profiles to your platform?
You can connect your social media profiles directly through our platform's dashboard. Simply go to the settings, click on 'Connect Profiles,' and follow the prompts to authorize your social media accounts.
Can I customize the content before it’s posted?
Absolutely! While our tool automates content creation, you have full control to review, customize, and approve all posts before they go live. You can edit text, change images, and adjust layouts to ensure each post reflects your brand perfectly.
How does the scheduling work?
Our scheduling tool allows you to plan your content calendar in advance. Once you review and approve the posts, you can set specific times and dates for each post to be published. Our system will handle the rest, ensuring your content goes live at the optimal times for engagement.
What if I want to post something immediately?
You can always create and publish posts on demand directly through our platform. This feature is perfect for timely updates or when you want to share something immediately outside your regular schedule. You can choose from your existing customised templates, create your own, or upload your own media.
What if I need help?
You can contact our friendly team via our Helpdesk. We're also always happy to have a video meeting so we can take you through the Hub live.
Social Broker Hub is used by real estate professionals to grow their online audiences in an engaging, ethical and compliant way.

Our content marketing solutions help busy agents and brokers stand out in a crowded market. Get back to doing what you do best – while your ideal clients get to know, like and trust you on social media.
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